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In the early part of the nineteenth century, pioneers migrating westward from Pennsylvania, passing through the Tuscarawas Valley, came upon an area with excellent water supply and many of the Pennsylvania Germans settled in the Bucks Township area. As Population in the town increased, the decision was made to form a town. Land was purchased from Lewis Row and 72 lots were sold at public auction at an average of $12 per lot. The village was first called Rowville and then renamed Buena Vista (Beautiful View) in 1847.

In 1903 the village was incorporated as the Village of Baltic.

A big boost to Baltic was the completion of the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad in 1880; the first train was run in 1881. Many residents helped with the construction of the railroad and pledges were taken, not in money but in labor.

Some of Baltic's unique attractions are the Historic Baltic Mill and the Steiner Cheese Factory. The Mill is one of Ohio's oldest flour and feed mills. The Steiner Cheese Factory was the first cheesehouse established in Ohio.

Today's Baltic, incorporates many businesses, several factories, restaurants and a population of (well-over) 650 people.

Baltic is still one of the few towns that you can go outside at night and hear that "Peace & Quiet, Country" sound.

People that live here, never leave and those who come, will always cherish the memories.

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................... news article from theBudget® Oct. 10, 2001......................

BALTIC - Movers held their breath a few times Thursday as they
carefully moved an aged barn and summer kitchen from a farm
in rural Holmes County to their new location along S.R. 93 in Baltic.

Low hanging tree limbs and telephone wires only slowed movers
during the two mile, two hour trip from the Doris C. (Powell)
Limbacher farm on Clark Twp. Rd. 178 (in Holmes County) to the
northern edge of Baltic.

Heirs of the Limbacher estate donated the buildings, that also
included a log cabin, to the Baltic-Area Historical Society for future
use as a museum, in depicting country life in the early 1800`s.

Don Scheetz, president of the Baltic-Area Historical Society noted
that a log cabin on the farm probably won`t be moved until next Spring,
"so we can get advice on moving the cabin from people who have
moved similar buildings before."

Lana Guisinger, secretary of the historical society, added; "The log
cabin will probably be broken apart and numerically marked, log by log
and loaded on trucks and rebuilt on site.''

Scheetz said that volunteers spent two weeks preparing the structures
for the movie. ''The biggest part was getting those two buildings here. Now
that winter is coming, we can take some time getting them prepared."

Scheetz said, "Now we're looking for furnishings from that time period,
the 1820`s to the 1850`s."

Guisinger noted that the three buildings would eventually provide a
picturesque setting for demonstrating period crafts.   "Once they're
in place and restored, we hope to stage special days, several times a year,
where people could demonstrate crafts and trades, like making apple butter,
rug weaving, soap making… things from the old-time era", Guisinger said.

Both Scheetz and Guisinger commended volunteers Richard Ely, Roy L. Yoder
and Robert J. Hershberger, Matt Miller of TRICO Construction in Baltic, who
provided a truck and trailer, and a truck/trailer provided and driven by Bill Grove.

Elder General Construction did the blocking of the buildings for the move.

To donate period furnishings contact the Baltic-Area Historical Society,
PO Box 40, Baltic 43804 or President Don Scheetz at 330-897-3811 or . You can also visit their site at:




was chartered in 1999. The society includes the Village of Baltic, and surrounding townships
of Bucks, Clark, and Crawford. Membership is open to anyone regardless of your residence.

We meet the 2nd Thursday of the month at Baltic Village Hall. Meeting starts at 7:30pm.

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History of Baltic, (books) are for sale. Your cost is $15 which includes shipping cost. The introductory information and old photos on this site are taken from this book. This is the 3rd reprint of this book, first printed in 1948.



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